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bartaco + Open Water

we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Open Water to provide you with the best tasting water in the most sustainable way.

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Open Water is ultra-purified, electrolyte-packed canned water in BPA-free aluminum packaging. Open Water is recyclable, climate neutral, and it tastes oh so good! (crisp, clean, ahhh!)

single-use plastic bottles are wreaking havoc on our environment, and especially our oceans (1 million plastic bottles are used every single minute!). 91% of plastic never makes it to a recycling bin, and most bottles end up in landfills and oceans. by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by weight. plastic never goes away — it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces that get ingested by marine animals.

bartaco + Open Water 2

in order to make a difference, Open Water Founders Nic and Jess (a certified Women-Owned business!) knew we needed a more pragmatic solution, so they set out to start a bottled water company that was different. Nic and Jess launched Open Water in 2014 and have built out a dream team working to eliminate 1 billion plastic bottles over the next 5 years.

bartaco + Open Water 3

Open Water pioneered the canned water category and offers water in 100% recyclable aluminum bottles and cans, eliminating the need for plastic bottles. Open Water has replaced the need for over 1.5 million pounds of plastic. the company was the world’s first certified Climate Neutral water brand and donates a portion of every sale to ocean conservation non-profits working for a future with #moreoceanlessplastic.

bartaco is focused on being a more sustainable business and making environmentally responsible decisions through a variety of sustainability efforts. we recognize that the health of our planet plays a significant role in helping our suppliers grow the foods we use to create the delicious dishes and cocktails our guests know and love — which is why we’re proud to work with a supplier on a mission to be the most sustainable bottled water in the world.

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